Events general conditions

By confirming general conditions I irrevocably declare that all information in the application form is true. I declare that I am healthy and versatile ready for the contest. I will obey all instructions of the organizer of the event and am attending Istrian cycling marathon at my own risk. I am aware that the organizer shall not be liable for any loss, damage, claims, other costs or expenses that would be incurred in connection with my participation in the event. I will compete at my own risk and responsibility, so I declare that in case of any damage caused because of participation in this event, I will not sue or require compensation from the organizer. I also declare that I am fully aware that I have to ride in compliance with with all traffic regulations, as defined by applicable law and regulations.

I consent to the organizer and with Istrian cycling marathon related third party to use my personal data for general administrative announcements and information related to my participation in the event, as well as for marketing purposes of sponsors and other people who are in any way connected with the organizer and he allows them to use this data. I am aware that I can require from any of these subjects a permanent or temporary cessation of using my personal data for the before mentioned purposes (law ZVOP-1 and ZEKom). Termination of data processing from spoken person will be provided within the legal timeframe. All persons who have acquired personal data, undertake to protect personal information in accordance with the applicable regulations and are obligated to use data only for the purposes for which they were given. I also allow the organizer to publish my personal information and the results of the contest in the media and on the website of the event, including my photographs, film and video, interviews, etc., without having to take my special permission. Organizer and with event related third party will use and record personal data of the participants in accordance with the Law on the protection of personal data (ZVOP-1).

The participant is anyone who has applied for the marathon and has paid the application fee. Participants are obligated to ride according to their physical preparedness. The participant, who overtakes a vehicle with the inscription “konec maratona” – end of the marathon is treated as a normal traffic participant and the organizer cares no longer for his guidance and is not in organizers’ responsibility anymore. The same applies to the participants who would arbitrarily overtake the vehicle marked “začetek maratona” – the start of the marathon.

For participants younger than 16 years, the escort of parents is mandatory as defined by applicable law. Responsibility for such participants is fully in the hands of parents. They are also liable if their child is participating on the event and they are not present. The organizer is not liable for any damage caused to the materials and humans. It is necessary to recognize, that the participants themselves can do most for their safety with thoughtful and tolerant driving and with paying particular attention on more dangerous sections. In spite the maximum engagement of the organizer to provide as safe conditions for driving as possible, you can still expect some careless and inattentive driver in traffic that could threaten the safety of the participants of the event. In certain sections, the paths are narrow or sharp cornering is necessary, therefore on these sections there is special attention and careful driving required.

We aim to respect the environment and the unspoiled nature, so do not throw the snacks and drinks packaging on the way. Keep it with you until outpost or the end of the route, where you can throw it in bins. There will be snacks and drinks available for all the participants at the refreshment stations along the route and a warm meal at the finish. All pre-applied participants will also receive gift bags for sure. If on the day of the event there will be a large number of new applicants, the limited number of gift bags will be given to those who have signed up previously. This means that some of those who will apply on the day of the event may not necessarily get a gift bag.

The organizer reserves the right to change the content of the event also after you have already applied for the event. If due to objective circumstances the programme is reduced, some changes in the gift package or routes occur, the participant is not entitled to any refund of entry fee. The participant is also not entitled to a refund of the entry fee if he does not attend the event because of bad weather. The event is carried out in all weather conditions. Refund of the entry fee is only possible with a medical certificate which proves serious illness. In this case we charge only the administrative costs of EUR 5. If the events because of objective circumstances would not be carried out, the entire fees will be refund, but without interest.