The challenge features 3 courses of different ability level, they include:

Short route (10 km)

For cyclists who are not particularly in shape and particularly want to enjoy in the ride through the beautiful nature of Istria. The route is without demanding ascents and leads along the part of the route of the famous cycling path Parenzana. On the short route will be refreshment available.

Medium route (49 km)

The course includes two longer ascends to St. Peter and Gažon. It is intended for recreational cyclists who want to sweat themselves in the middle of unspoiled nature and want to enjoy the panoramic views of hinterland villages when cycling on the ridges of Slovenian Istria. In Koper the course reconnects with longer route, so the slipstream won’t be missing.

Long route (82 km)

The course is designed for demanding riders. It contains several climbs and is, despite a moderate distance, with more than 1,000 meters of altitude a real challenge for even the most prepared. Long course demands good preparedness and will provoke a lot of drops of sweat also from the ones, which are in very good physical condition.