About us

The organizer of the Istrian Marathon is Cycling Association Raketa, in which we strive to promote and develop the offer of cycling services and want to bring Slovenian Istria among the most developed and recognizable cycling regions in wider area.

We are achieving this goal step by step through the integration of the surrounding tourist service providers, participation in designing cycling products, promoting the construction of cycling infrastructure, organization of events and popularization of cycling as a healthy way to spend your free time. Association has already participated in numerous projects that are confirming our effort: cooperation by issuing leaflets Enjoy the countryside, in the execution of workshops for tourism operators in the project Euro Bike, organizing scientific conference on the theme of cycling infrastructure in Izola, by issuing independent cycling maps of Slovenian Istria and some other projects.

Raketa is also attending a number of events at home and abroad, through which it provides a varied program of activities for members, while connecting with other associations and organizations, and establishes mutual cooperation. We want observations from elsewhere and good practices to be implemented into our own environment and thus contribute to the high quality and variety of services and products in Slovenian Istria.

Want to know us better? Visit us at www.drustvo-raketa.com, although the site is at present only in Slovenian language.